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We develop scalable enterprise software solutions that will help
your business thrive, whether you are a supplier, reseller
or retailer our solutions will help you to sell more
and increase your inventory turnover.

Our Industry Leading Platforms

Our platforms are highly customizable and its advanced scalability
allows your business to grow with support at every stage, with the
ability to accommodate your needs now and into the future.

Create an Online Shop

VUMAshop is the most advanced website and online shop builder in the industry. It is pre-loaded with product sets from our extensive trusted supplier list. This enables you to launch your website in a matter of minutes with no design or development skills required. It also ensures your website is always up to date with the latest in product offering.

Create a Virtual Sample

VUMAvirtual is the most advanced virtual sampling tool in the industry. It integrates seamlessly with your website and allows your clients to add logos to products on your website to get a better picture of what the finished product will look like.

Unlock B2B Selling

VUMAb2b is a powerful, robust and enterprise-level business-to-business ecommerce software that integrates deeply with your existing systems for seamless scalability. VUMAb2b is engineered to give you the highest uptime, superior security, and the fastest sites available even at large scale.

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