VUMAshop is the most advanced website and online shop builder in the industry. It is pre-loaded with product sets from our extensive trusted supplier list. This enables you to launch your website in a matter of minutes with no design or development skills required. It also ensures your website is always up to date with the latest in product offering.

All the features you need

Launch your website in a matter of minutes with no design or development skills required. VUMAshop
has all the features you need to create a catalog website or to start selling online today.

Control Panel

A secure and user-friendly environment where you can change anything from theme settings, product selection, to website functionality and order management.

Product Selection

Search for products and/or select product categories from the industry’s leading suppliers and add it to the list of products you would like to have displayed on your website.

Mark-up Pricing

The VUMAshop platform allows distributors to setup product-specific and/or product category-specific mark-up structure. No need to constantly update pricing per product, category and/or brand.

Display or Transact

You can customize the buying process to fit their business. Different payment methods can be activated that enable immediate conversion. Integrations are built with leading payment providers such as PayPal and Stripe.

Marketing Tools

Connecting platforms, generating product data and inventory feeds for Facebook Product Catalog, Google Merchant Center and Mailchimp provides the you with the tools you need to automate your marketing.

Responsive Themes

Our beautifully designed responsive themes are highly-customizable to the extent where you will have a unique digital presence whilst maintaining website integrity.

Imprint Costs

VUMAshop provides users with the ability to view imprint options and pricing. It empowers the consumer to get a complete view of cost and removes an administrative burden from the distributor.

Virtual Samples

Virtual samples brings brand and product together for a unique marketing and sales opportunity. VUMAvirtual presents customers and distributors with the ability to personalize products within seconds.

Content Management

The VUMAshop platform makes it easy for you to tell your company's compelling story by editing your content pages.

User Experience, Redefined.

Reselling industries are highly competitive, demanding and constantly changing. Distributors need to simplify their customers’ user experiences through the purchase-funnel to succeed in an increasingly demanding industry.

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