VUMAb2b is a powerful, robust and enterprise-level business-to-business ecommerce software that integrates deeply with your existing systems for seamless scalability. VUMAb2b is engineered to give you the highest uptime, superior security, and the fastest sites available even at large scale.

All the features you need

Adapt your business to changing consumer buying habits and an ever-more competitive industry.
Beyond an ERP single source of truth, e-commerce platforms like VUMAb2b can also automate various
e-commerce aspects to better the customer experience.

Seamless Integration

Seamlessly integrate with the business tools you already use. Connect your home-grown solutions, ERP, supply chain inventory, and keep impressive speeds and efficiency.

Customer-Specific Pricing

VUMAb2b is sophisticated enough to represent any complex ERP pricing system. B2B pricing requires allowing for customer-specific and customer-group pricing, quantity price breaks, and more.

Shipping Integration

Shipping is a key component to a B2B business considering the complexity and shipping rules based on customer needs. Our robust platform can handle the complexities of multi-warehouse shipping capabilities that come with B2B.

Account Management

The VUMAb2b Account section will enable customers to go through all of their activities on the website, including Order Management, Accounting & Profile Management.


VUMAb2b enables your B2B e-commerce website to display and accept multiple currencies, hereby truly opening your business to international trade.


With a VUMAb2b’s multi-language feature, you will be able to translate the content on your website into multiple languages. Enabling you to reach customers speaking different languages across the world.

Real-time Inventory

VUMAb2b’s real-time inventory management ensures accurate and prompt coordination of stock levels with the front-end systems. It also tracks inventory from the moment it enters the stock and is shipped till the very minute it reaches the customer.

Responsive Design

Serve your B2B and wholesale buyers with the modern online shopping experience they expect. With our modern site desgns, you can display a simple, mobile-responsive catalog your customers can access from anywhere.

Industry Functionality

VUMAvirtual is a pwerful tool that enables you to upload a logo once and then set to dsiplay the logo in the pre-set imprint area across all of the productson your website.

Enterprise B2B E-Commerce, Simplified.

Advanced B2B ordering capabilities and pricing management. Provide B2B buyers with fast, convenient
bulk order entry and instant reordering through an optimized interface.

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